May 4th

Trojan Women

May 18th

Join us inside the world of an 80's style text-based adventure computer game. The trouble is, our Hero appears to be becoming self-aware. No longer an automaton, he must do battle with the existential doubts and confusions that come with his new-found sentience.  Why must he declare his intentions aloud? Whose voice is booming from above? Why are his actions so hopelessly limited?  And why does a blueberry pie open the city gates?! This nostalgic and hilarious play sparked the creation of an entirely new festival, the Game Play Festival. Dutch Kills is excited to produce the newest draft,  directed by the excellent Paige Blansfield. 


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Following a reading of Alexandra Silber’s “Antigone” in February, Dutch Kills is thrilled to present the second of her three plays, "Trojan Women".  Silber's new adaptation is fearless and confrontational, as well as sensitive and innovative. Set against the backdrop of a land broken by war, the play meditates on different forms of feminine strength. Silber has a gift for generating images that assail the senses and a knack for demonstrating the urgent relevance in what seem, on the surface, to be obscure and dated classical dilemmas. Abolishing the comfortable distances of time, she even succeeds in interweaving occasional poems and lyrics from modern times without sacrificing the harmony of her art.

This year we will be in development and we plan to present a three-week event in Fall, 2016. The last performance of the development year, "Medea", will take place in November. 

On May 18th, we will have a reading of Trojan Women for invited industry guests. If you would like us to reserve you a place, please send an email with the number of seats you require to


The PRovidence of Neighboring Bodies

June 2nd

In Quietness 

January 3rd - 31st, 2016


Living alone in her condo in the smallest town in the smallest state in America, Dora plots a  spontaneous friendship with her neighbor Ronnie. From across their balconies, a promising beginning ends with a crash. Then an email from a stranger turns their little world upside down. After its great success in the 2014 Loose Leaf Reading Series, Dutch Kills Theater is happy to be able to produce a week long workshop of this strange and feminine piece from writer Jean Ann Douglass to be directed by Jess Chayes. 

Featuring: Kate Benson, Anna Abhau Elliott and Anne Gridley



At The Walker Space in January 2016, Dutch Kills will be presenting a full production of this thought-provoking and heart-provoking play about a homemaking school for women in Texas. The play takes a nuanced look at issues too often debated in a partisan way: is the vision of women offered by progressive secularism always the best way for women to be free and fulfilled in their lives, careers and families? Does conservative Christianity's approach to women generate nothing but oppression and frustration, or has modernity, in dismissing its values wholesale, thrown the baby out with the bathwater?